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Record Labels | time tested methods

Whether shaking ideas out of hibernation, or helping to maintain ratings dominance, we incorporate meaningful consumer insights and intelligence as part of our consultation process. We partner with our clients in the creative process and deliver research and consulting services tailored to their specific needs. We are committed to providing relevant, reliable, and actionable answers to your issues and questions by employing these time-tested methods:

Track Evaluation

The Track Evaluation provides feedback on potential track releases. Listeners rate the overall appeal of a group of artists as well as 10-15 current songs. Once they are in the mindset of hearing current hits, they will evaluate the appeal of 3-6 potential new track releases.

Personality Brand Profile

Our Personality Brand Profile will focus on the following: Artist Familiarity/Recall, Likes / Dislikes for artists, Likes / Dislikes for artists, Cross Platform Media usage, Marketing Image Evaluation, Social Media Usage, Evaluation of potential new tracks